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Operator One Launches in Benelux: Revolutionizing E-commerce for Sellers Across Europe

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October 28, 2023

22-10-2023 - Amsterdam - The first provider of European marketplace distribution in the Benelux has launched today. Marketplace Distri, one of Amazon's largest catalogue suppliers, is launching Operator One. This due to the high number of dropouts from marketplaces and a growing demand for support.

Online sellers quickly drop out due to too much workload
Figures from Amazon NL show that almost 70 per cent of sellers quit within 100 days. This is due to the amount of rules and tasks demanded by the platform.

Sellers have to deal with: importing, warehousing, content management, growing regulations, associated remittance (EPR) and VAT returns, among others.

Operator One looks beyond Amazon
Operator One was set up as a one-stop shop to take the entire sales process off your hands. They are the first in the Benelux to realise a complete process for sellers. This turns doing business through a marketplace into a traditional business-to-business transaction.

"Where Marketplace Distri focused on Amazon, we are deploying Operator One for the European market. With Operator One, we operate on more than 100 different European marketplaces such as: Bol, eBay and Kaufland," said Stef van Boekel, co-founder Operator One.

Ondrej Hradec has been appointed CEO, his focus is on automation, multichannel and strategy. Operator One's aim is to grow to 200 customers within a few years.

"At Operator One, we have invented a model that addresses these complexities, allowing brands to excel at what they do best: their products. For vendors, this means it's not only easier to enter the market but also to stay there. Together, we are not just navigating the European market, we are shaping its future." said Ondrej Hradec, CEO of Operator One.

About Operator One
Operator One B.V., formerly known as Marketplace Distri, is at the very top as the top marketplace operator in Europe. They are committed to making cross-border e-commerce simple. With their special approach as Merchant of Record, they successfully handle the tricky stuff like VAT, regulations and other challenges. This gives brands the freedom to fully focus on product innovation. And as brands broaden their horizons in Europe, Operator One provides a great solution to smoothly transition to different marketplaces.

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