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Introduction to Kaufland.de: A Major European E-commerce Platform

Industry Insights
February 27, 2024

Introduction to Kaufland.de: A Major European E-commerce Platform

Kaufland.de, emerging from Real.de, has established itself as a significant e-commerce player in Germany, with a growing influence across Europe. As part of the Schwarz Group, Kaufland.de leverages the strength of one of Europe's largest retail chains, offering a wide range of products across over 5,000 categories and attracting millions of visitors monthly. The platform's expansion into the Czech Republic and Slovakia represents a significant step in its evolution into a "Kaufland Global Marketplace," offering sellers access to a broader European customer base​​​​​​.


Expanding Reach: Kaufland.de in the Czech Republic and Slovakia

Kaufland.de's expansion into the Czech Republic and Slovakia is a crucial component of its strategy to become a global marketplace. This move introduces a new online marketplace concept to these regions, allowing sellers to reach millions of additional customers. The platform provides local and international retailers the opportunity to offer their products in various categories, benefiting from Kaufland's strong brand recognition in these markets​​​​​​.


Seller Registration and Requirements

To sell on Kaufland.de, businesses must fulfil several criteria, including being a registered business seller, providing customer service in German, and having the capability to ship products to Germany and handle returns. Additionally, sellers must ensure product content is in German and offer products with an official EAN code​​​​​​.


Fulfilment by Kaufland (FBK)

Kaufland.de offers a fulfilment service, Fulfilment by Kaufland (FBK), which includes warehousing, shipping, and returns management. This service is designed to ease the logistical burden for sellers, particularly those without their own logistics infrastructure. FBK is available in various European markets, including Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia, and Bulgaria, allowing for a streamlined selling experience across these regions​​​​.


Costs and Fees

Sellers on Kaufland.de incur a monthly fee of 39.95 euros and a commission on sales, which varies depending on the product category. Additional costs may apply, such as those for the collection and disposal of old electronic devices​​​​​​.


Advertising Opportunities

Kaufland.de offers Sponsored Product Ads, which operate on a Cost per Click (CPC) model, allowing sellers to increase product visibility and attract more customers. These ads are essential for sellers looking to standout in a competitive marketplace​​.


Marketplace Performance and Opportunities

Kaufland.de has a robust online presence, with millions of monthly visitors and a wide range of product categories. Its expansion into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, along with its inclusion in the Kaufland Global Marketplace, offers sellers a tremendous opportunity to reach a larger European audience and grow their business. The platform provides various tools and services to facilitate sales, including multi-channel marketing, payment processing, and free product data translation​​​​​​​​.


Conclusion: Navigating Success on Kaufland.de

Kaufland.de's expansion and its role in the European marketplace network present a unique opportunity for sellers. By understanding the platform's reach, requirements, and services like FBK, sellers can effectively navigate this marketplace, tapping into its potential for expanding their business across Europe.


This extended article offers a detailed overview of selling on Kaufland.de, combining insights on its marketplace performance, expansion strategy, seller requirements, and services. It provides valuable information for sellers looking to explore and succeed in the European e-commerce market.

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