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All You Need to Know About Selling on Cdiscount, the Premier French Marketplace

Industry Insights
December 8, 2023

Introduction to Cdiscount

In the bustling landscape of e-commerce, Cdiscount emerges as a dominant force in the French online retail market. Founded as a digital shopping haven, Cdiscount has evolved into a significant player, renowned for its vast array of products and services. Boasting an impressive 23 million unique users per month and a substantial active customer base of 10.2 million, the platform transcends being a mere marketplace to becoming an integral part of France's e-commerce narrative. The "Cdiscount à Volonté" program, with 2 million subscribers, further highlights the platform's appeal, offering a high-frequency purchasing experience unmatched by its contemporaries​​.

Cdiscount’s philosophy melds traditional retail values with modern marketplace dynamics, creating an environment that caters to a diverse range of consumer needs while fostering sustainable and ethical business practices. This commitment is exemplified through its adherence to the "Charter of e-commerce players," which champions a balanced, transparent, and loyal relationship between the marketplace and its vendors, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)​​.

Mode of Cooperation: 1P vs Marketplace

Cdiscount operates on a dual model, balancing the traditional 1P (first-party) approach with a dynamic marketplace framework. In the 1P model, products are purchased, owned, and sold by Cdiscount itself, ensuring control over inventory and pricing. Conversely, the marketplace model allows external vendors to list and sell their products directly to consumers on Cdiscount’s platform. This dual strategy enables Cdiscount to offer a diverse range of products while providing businesses of all sizes an opportunity to expand their reach.

The marketplace model is particularly significant for its inclusivity and flexibility. It opens doors for various vendors, from established brands to emerging entrepreneurs, to connect with a vast customer base. By adopting this model, Cdiscount has positioned itself not just as a retailer but as an enabler in the e-commerce domain, fostering growth and diversity in the online retail landscape.

Cdiscount's Market Statistics

The sheer scale of Cdiscount's operations is reflected in its impressive market statistics. With 23 million unique visitors each month, Cdiscount stands as a pivotal marketplace in France, showcasing an expansive reach that few can rival. This high traffic volume translates into substantial sales and revenue, marking Cdiscount as a key player in the European e-commerce sector.

Furthermore, Cdiscount’s ability to retain a large number of active customers, 10.2 million as of recent counts, demonstrates its effectiveness in customer engagement and satisfaction. The "Cdiscount à Volonté" program, attracting 2 million subscribers, reinforces this by offering exclusive benefits and fostering a higher purchase frequency. These statistics not only underscore Cdiscount’s market position but also highlight its potential as a lucrative platform for sellers looking to tap into the French e-commerce market​​.

Main Categories on Cdiscount

Cdiscount's product range is vast and varied, encompassing numerous categories that cater to a wide spectrum of consumer needs. From electronics and high-tech gadgets to household appliances, and from cultural goods to personal appliances like games and toys, Cdiscount offers an extensive selection. This diversity not only enhances the shopping experience for consumers but also provides a fertile ground for sellers from various industries to showcase their products. By featuring a broad array of categories, Cdiscount ensures that it meets the evolving needs and preferences of its vast customer base, making it a comprehensive shopping destination.

Listing Specifics on Cdiscount

For sellers aiming to leverage Cdiscount’s extensive reach, understanding the platform's listing specifics is crucial. To open a shop on Cdiscount, sellers must be registered in the Commercial Register of their country and declared to the tax and social authorities. Cdiscount places a high emphasis on seller performance, requiring adherence to key indicators like a maximum customer complaint rate of 1% and a minimum on-time delivery rate of 99%. These stringent standards ensure a high-quality shopping experience for customers, reflecting Cdiscount’s commitment to excellence in e-commerce​​.

Requirements to Join Cdiscount

Joining Cdiscount as a seller involves meeting certain requirements to ensure compliance and quality. Sellers must be officially registered and recognized in their respective countries, fulfilling all regulatory obligations. This includes being registered in the Commercial Register and being declared to the tax and social authorities. Additionally, Cdiscount mandates sellers to maintain high-performance standards, such as keeping customer complaint rates low and ensuring high on-time delivery rates. These requirements are in place to uphold the integrity of the marketplace and ensure that customers receive the best possible service​​.

Marketing Opportunities on Cdiscount

Cdiscount not only offers a platform for listing and selling products but also provides advanced marketing opportunities through the Mabaya platform, now integrated into Criteo Commerce Yield Marketplace. This integration offers sellers sophisticated advertising tools and analytics, enabling them to effectively target and reach their desired audience within Cdiscount’s marketplace.

Sellers on Cdiscount can leverage the platform's extensive reach, with services like dedicated account management and support, to develop and refine their online sales strategies. Cdiscount's advertising capabilities are robust, with options to enhance product visibility and drive traffic to listings. The Mabaya platform facilitates a range of advertising solutions, allowing sellers to create targeted campaigns that can significantly boost their visibility and sales on the platform. This approach to marketing is designed to meet the varied needs of sellers, providing them with the tools and support necessary to succeed in the competitive online retail environment.

Fulfillment Options for Sellers on Cdiscount

Cdiscount provides comprehensive fulfillment services, leveraging over ten years of logistics experience. Sellers can benefit from storage, wrapping, dispatch of products, returns and customer relations management, and the handling of orders from Cdiscount and other sales platforms. Utilizing the Octopia Fulfillment service offers several advantages, such as enhanced visibility, sales acceleration, attractive fee schedules, and partner offers for packaging. These services are designed to improve profitability, increase customer satisfaction, and ensure efficient logistics management, including dispatch across various platforms and countries with competitive rates​​​​​​​​.

Requirements of EPR in France for Brands Selling on Cdiscount

Selling on Cdiscount also involves adhering to the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations in France. Under the Anti-Wastage & Circular Economy Law, sellers must comply with EPR regulations, which apply to specific product categories like packaging, electronic equipment, and batteries. This involves registering for an EPR unique identification number and, for certain products, providing buyers with a way to return used products for recycling. EPR policies ensure that sellers contribute to environmental sustainability by taking responsibility for the entire lifecycle of their products​​.

Services of Operator One

At Operator One, we stand at the forefront of simplifying the complexities of selling in the European marketplace landscape. As your dedicated Merchant of Record, we take over all aspects of compliance, including VAT, EPR, and other regulatory requirements, ensuring that your brand navigates the intricate web of European e-commerce laws effortlessly. Our comprehensive approach means that for the brands we partner with, every transaction is simplified to a standard B2B interaction, removing the burden of compliance and operational complexities from their shoulders.

Our specialized Marketplace Operator solution caters to brands aiming to expand their presence on key platforms like Amazon, Bol, and Cdiscount. We manage your cross-border marketplace listings and presence, providing strategic sales management across diverse European regions. Our expertise in VAT and EPR compliance ensures that your brand adheres to all necessary regulations without the hassle.

We also offer streamlined warehousing and logistics solutions, including fulfillment or labeling for marketplace fulfillment solutions. This ensures that your products are stored, handled, and shipped in the most efficient and effective manner. Our aim is to make the logistics and fulfillment process as seamless as possible, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Moreover, our multilingual customer care and efficient returns management systems are designed to enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty. We understand the importance of a positive customer experience and work diligently to ensure that your customers receive the best service.

Additionally, we craft tailored platform-specific marketing strategies. Recognizing the unique dynamics of each marketplace, we tailor our marketing solutions to maximize your brand’s visibility and sales potential, providing insights and strategies that align with your brand goals and marketplace requirements.

By partnering with O1.eu, brands gain an invaluable ally in navigating the European e-commerce landscape. Our comprehensive services, ranging from compliance management to logistics and marketing, are designed to facilitate your growth and success in the European market, making your transition into these platforms smooth and rewarding.


In summary, Cdiscount presents a dynamic platform for sellers to access a wide and varied customer base in France. It offers a range of product categories, advanced marketing through the Mabaya platform, and extensive fulfillment services, all while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental responsibilities like EPR. For brands seeking to optimize their presence on Cdiscount and other European marketplaces, O1.eu emerges as an ideal partner. With our role as the Merchant of Record, handling all compliance issues, and providing comprehensive fulfillment and marketing solutions, we ensure a simplified and effective marketplace experience for brands. Our services empower brands to navigate the European e-commerce landscape confidently, focusing on their core business while we manage the intricacies of marketplace operations.

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