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Case Study - Leina Werke

October 1, 2023

Background information:

The Amazon market is sometimes seen as a threat from smaller companies who are already struggling to establish their role in the complex ecommerce environment. Leina Werke is a big company and it’s very loyal to traditional distribution channels. Growing their online sales was not their main focus when we started collaborating but, to the day, Leina Werke represents one of the suppliers with the most consistent growth in sales through the years.

Brand story:

Leina Werke is active since the 60’s in the production of first aid kits and refills, specifically for the automotive sector as first equipment and accessories, and for the industry sector and first intervention aids. They value their “made in Germany” dimension most of all, which is an equivalent of quality across Europe.

The result:

+50% converting products

>€200.000 yearly revenue

+125% traffic increase yoy


For us, bringing Leina Werke to the world of ecommerce is a true example of success. Keeping it simple with investing on the look and feel of the product pages, and by keeping the product selection simple and up-to-date, since the start of our collaboration we have always been able to keep their popularity up, in a sector which is increasingly growing in competition and visibility.