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Case Study - Nutras

February 28, 2024

Background Information:

Since the start of our collaboration in 2022, the team has efficiently supported my brand with expanding its reach across Europe, leading to higher brand recognition and significantly growing our revenues, especially in Italy where we successfully managed to triple in revenue during the course of this year. 

Operator One's Impact:

The team demonstrated true dedication to their role, as they were always available to deal with all the complexities of the market with proactivity and professionality. I am confident of the work they are performing for Lactosolution, and I look forward to continuing working with them to grow my other brands as well.

Services of Operator One:

Operator One simplifies European marketplace complexities by managing compliance, including VAT and regulatory requirements, allowing brands to focus on business. Their Marketplace Operator solution assists brands in expanding on platforms like Amazon, providing strategic sales management and ensuring VAT and EPR compliance. With streamlined warehousing, logistics, multilingual customer care, and tailored marketing strategies, Operator One facilitates brands' growth and success in the European market, making transitions into platforms seamless and rewarding.


Since 2022, our collaboration has effectively expanded our brand's reach across Europe, notably boosting brand recognition and significantly increasing revenues. Particularly noteworthy is our tripled revenue growth in Italy this year, showcasing the team's efficient support and the success of our partnership.

Marco Verducci, founder of Nutras SRL