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Case Study - AirTamer

February 28, 2024

Background information:

AirTamer, the leader in wearable air purification devices from the US, initially engaged with us in February of last year. They partnered with us to manage their growth on Amazon Europe, to act in parallel with their activities in the US and in the UK. The brand’s take on the popular subjects of air pollution and personal wellbeing is fully incorporated in their portable devices: durable and non-invasive, efficient, and easy to use.

Operator One's Approach:

Our strategic focus revolved around aligning their wearable air purification devices with the specific needs and preferences of diverse European markets. We carefully crafted localized content and optimized advertising strategies in France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Germany to emphasize the devices' efficiency, ease of use, and health benefits while staying true to AirTamer’s commitment to innovation and user-centric design. These efforts were instrumental in boosting brand recognition and sales, observed within the recent quarters due to expanded service provision.

Services of Operator One:

Operator One simplifies European marketplace complexities by managing compliance, including VAT and regulatory requirements, allowing brands to focus on business. Their Marketplace Operator solution assists brands in expanding on platforms like Amazon, providing strategic sales management and ensuring VAT and EPR compliance. With streamlined warehousing, logistics, multilingual customer care, and tailored marketing strategies, Operator One facilitates brands' growth and success in the European market, making transitions into platforms seamless and rewarding.


AirTamer partnered with us to tailor their air purification devices for Amazon Europe, resulting in increased brand recognition and sales across multiple countries. Through strategic marketing efforts, we successfully boosted their presence and aligned with diverse market preferences.