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Case Study - Neofollics

February 28, 2024

Amazon Expansion:

Operator One has been an absolute game-changer for our business expansion on Amazon. Their seamless cooperation and expert support have been pivotal in propelling our growth, managing our inventory effectively, and achieving successful sales across nine countries.

Operator One's Impact:

The results speak for themselves. Our sales have soared, and our brand visibility across these diverse markets has increased substantially, all thanks to Operator One's unwavering support and guidance. Operator One's support in coordinating our marketing campaigns, especially during crucial events like Prime Day and Black Friday, has been very good. Their strategic guidance and proactive approach played a pivotal role in maximizing our sales and visibility during these high-impact periods.

Services of Operator One:

Operator One simplifies European marketplace complexities by managing compliance, including VAT and regulatory requirements, allowing brands to focus on business. Their Marketplace Operator solution assists brands in expanding on platforms like Amazon, providing strategic sales management and ensuring VAT and EPR compliance. With streamlined warehousing, logistics, multilingual customer care, and tailored marketing strategies, Operator One facilitates brands' growth and success in the European market, making transitions into platforms seamless and rewarding.


Operator One has been instrumental in the success of Neofollics on Amazon. Their expertise, attention to detail, and proactive approach have not only helped us grow but also provided a strong foundation for sustained success across multiple countries. We highly recommend their services to any business looking to expand and excel on Amazon's platform.

Maik van der Berg, Founder Neofollics Hair Technology