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Case Study - Abeba

October 1, 2023

Background information:

At this point in time, it is crucial to identify the most promising products within the range suppliers provide and to focus on them in terms of brand development and marketing activities to really establish a brand on the market. When this strategy is clear and set between us and the brand, we are able to really make an impact for our suppliers.

Brand story:

Since the 1940’s Abeba specialises in occupational and safety footwear, ranging from many different sectors, from catering to medicine. Their mission is to provide comfortable shoes that comply with the safety requirements of each work environment, while keeping an active interest in the style of their products, to fully accommodate whoever is wearing them.

The result:

+161 new products sold in a year

+60% revenue yoy

+20.000 single units shipped to Amazon since collaboration started


The personal protection equipment category is one of the fastest growing areas within the B2B Amazon business. Abeba represents one of our main examples of such growth, and the development of our relationship with the brand is proof of the benefits that investing in brand development on Amazon can bring.